How much does it cost to neuter a rabbit?

Rabbits make extraordinary pets. Full of personality and affection, rabbits are intelligent social critics. Pet rabbits are suitable for people of any age. So when you adopt a rabbit as a pet, you will know that it is essential to have your rabbit neutered.

How much does it cost to neuter a rabbit

Neuter rabbits mean to remove male rabbits’ testes. And people do it to think about animals’ lives. Removing testes helps your pet to live longer.

Do you know how much does it cost to neuter a rabbit? If you do not see the cost of neutering a rabbit, we will tell you the cost details.

How much to neuter a rabbit?

How much to neuter a rabbit

How much does it cost to spay and neuter rabbits? If you want to neuter a rabbit, the average cost will be 237.97 U.S. dollars, and if you’re going to do it in the medium-range, the cost will be 205 dollars. The price range depends on male to female rabbits.

When do you ask how much it costs to neuter a rabbit? The answer is that when you go to neuter a rabbit, the actual cost range is 75 to 600 dollars. When do you ask me how much it costs to get my male rabbit neutered? For a male rabbit, the cost is 10 to 25 percent less than a female rabbit.

If there is any surgical issue or vets want to add other medical treatment, then the charge will be extra. Like if your rabbit needs anesthesia then the charge will increase. OK, let’s see a chart where we mention some locations and charges of neutering.

LocationCost of Neuter and Spay
Neutering in AlamedaFor male rabbit 175$ and for spay 250$
CaliforniaFor male rabbits and females are same 339$
OntarioFor spay, it takes 450$ and Neuter 250$
San MateoLow cost, 100$ for female and 80$ male


How much to get a bunny neutered?

How much to get a bunny neutered

When you have a pet bunny, and you want to turn it into neutered, the question that comes to mind is how much does it cost to spay and neuter a rabbit? When you want to remove the testes of a female rabbit, it calls to spay; when it is for males, it calls neutered.

If you want to know how much does it cost to neuter a female bunny? It depends on your place. But when you do spay, the cost is seventy dollars. And the male neuter cost is more than that. On average, how much does it cost to neuter a rabbit? And the answer is a hundred euros per neuter.

Before going to the treatment you need to check your bunny’s health. If the female bunny, you need to take spaying.  To get a bunny neutered has so much benefit. Like

Behavior change

Neutered make your bunny stressless from sexual tension, make it calmer and your bunny will grow more social.


Neutered bunnies have fewer reproductive problems when they grow older. After surgery, your rabbit will seek your attention and their sex hormone will change. They become healthier than before and active too.

No risk of Cancer

Female rabbits have problems with uterine cancer in their early life. Neutering helps to prevent womb cancer in your rabbits.

How much does it cost for a rabbit neutered?

How much does it cost for a rabbit neutered

If you want to feed rabbits with love, then you must think about the cost. There will be a protective cage for the rabbits, with a bed made of paper and a fresh producing system. You also need to think about the health of your rabbit, and neuter.

And the medical cost for your rabbits depends on your location. For instance, in Texas, a rabbit’s low cost is 100$ and the high cost is 450$.

Before having surgery, you have to know how much it costs to get a bunny fixed. The cost, on average, is maybe seventy-five to seven hundred for male rabbits. How much does it cost to get a dwarf rabbit neutered in the United States? In the United States, the average cost is two hundred and five.

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Can I get my rabbit neutered for free?

Can I get my rabbit neutered for free

In a COVID situation, you can be neutered at a low cost. You will not get your rabbit neutered for free. Because when you go for an operation the price will be increased and you have to choose a good vet. On average, the low cost varies from Vets to vets. The low cost for the male rabbit is 99$ and for the female is 140$.

It is quite impossible that you never neuter yourself. It’s a surgical issue and if you want to do it your rabbit will get a heart or it will damage its testes. So always go for vets who are experts in the neuter. Before booking your bunny check the cost of neuter. You will get a low-cost service from the various hospitals in your location.



Is it expensive to neuter a rabbit?

Yes, To neuter a rabbit is costly. Male rabbit neuters are ten percent less costly than female rabbits.

 Can I neuter my Rabbit myself?

It is better to go to vets who are experts. Because neutering yourself can cause harm to your rabbit. It is a surgical process and can happen to internal bleeding.  A female rabbit can be neutered at the age of five to six months whereas a male needs three to four months.

Is it ok not to neuter my Rabbit?

Yes, the Neuter controls reproduction and makes your rabbit healthier. Female rabbits suffer from urinary tract infections and neuter helps them. Also, help to live long with your rabbits and reduce cancer.

When should a male rabbit be neutered?

A male rabbit should be neutered at the age of three to four months.


Wrap Up

If you are the owner of the rabbit, then you need to know how much it costs to neuter a rabbit. Above We try to describe the average cost of neutered rabbits. Males and female rabbits need to be neutered.

Neutered a rabbit is so helpful for your rabbits. It is a surgical process so the cost depends on treatment.

In a nutshell, we also tell the average cost of neutering in the United States and Europe. So go now to neuter your rabbits for a healthier life.

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