how much does it cost to install a ceiling light without existing wiring

Installing a ceiling light is easy and costs you minimum bucks with existing wiring. But, if your home exterior doesn’t have wiring, you have to fix the issue before installing the light. In that case, the cost will increase instead of existing wiring. 

So who doesn’t have wiring to install a light they want to know; how much does it cost to install a ceiling light without existing wiring? 

The cost depends on many factors, including types of lights, your living geographical location, electrician rate of hours, fittings, and fixtures. On average, you have to spend approximately $85 to $217 for fluorescent lights and $90 to $250 for wall-mounted lights. 

That rough estimation cost isn’t enough to install a light. There’re many more things you should know. Here we will break down every possible parameter to install a ceiling light where you don’t have wiring. Let’s dive into the words.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ceiling Light Without Existing Wiring?

The main considerable factors to install a ceiling light are the number and types of light, materials, electrician’s charge, housing type, and your living area. The cost may be $100 to $1,000 depending on them. So you should keep in mind all of these variables before purchasing your products and running any project. 

You can also consult with your nearest pro electrician or housing servicing agency to get the most compatible costing idea. Because it’s pretty tough to provide you with the actual expenditure. However, you’ll get a common idea about costing by reading the below part of our discussion.

Pricing list of different types of lights

  1. LED strip light – It ranges from $20 to $50+ each
  2. 4 recessed lights – It ranges from $65 to $175+ each
  3. Flush and semi-flush lights – It ranges from $44.99 to $81.99+ each
  4. Light Bar – It ranges from $40 to $70+ each
  5. Utility lights – It ranges from $50 to $120+ each
  6. Pendant lights – It ranges from $50 to $300+ each
  7. Chandeliers – It ranges from $100 to $400+ each

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Here is a rough pricing list of a pro electrician rate per hour of different states in the USA

Name of state Charge per hour 1-2 years of experience  Charge per hour 6-9 years of experience
Alaska  $38.38 $44.55
Kansas $20.89 $24.25
Florida $20.51 $23.87
Montana $32.53 $37.76
Louisiana $21.21 $24.69
Nebraska $22.84 $26.58
New York $25.95 $30.20
New Mexico $27.65 $32.18
Texas $21.64 $25.18
North Carolina $20 $31
South Carolina $20.42 $23.70
Kentucky $23.87 $27.78
California $28.07 $32.59
Tennessee  $20.24 $23.55
Illinois $25.51 $29.61
Alabama $21.10 $24.56
Virginia $22.95 $26.71
Indiana $22.55 $26.17
Georgia  $21.90 $25.42

You can easily calculate the light installation cost from the above light pricing chart and the electrician’s expenditure sheet. Though we will below describe an average estimated cost for your assistance.  So that you can prepare yourself before jumping into the project.

The installation cost of LED strip light 

The LED light is one of the standards and most-used lights among the users. If you have a transformer and all kinds of kits to wire the light, the cost will be roughly $125 to install an LED light to your ceiling. 

The installation cost of 4 recessed lights 

Per installation of this light will cost approximately $100 to $480. But, the cost will increase and go up to $2,160 for a project having 6 lights installations. The cost will also increase or decrease depending on your housing type, bulbs quality, and the electrician’s charge. 

The installation cost of Flushing and semi-flush lights 

Basically, a flush mount light is installed in the closets, hall rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Because it adds a great vibe into the room surroundings. The average cost of installing a flushing and semi-flush light is $150 to  $450 for every fixture. The cost includes lights’ price, electrician bill, and installation supplies. 

The installation cost of Light Bar 

Mostly the light bars are installed in a cabinet. You will need light mounting fixtures, a low voltage transformer, cables, and connectors to install this light. You have to spend an average of $330 to $400 on managing everything. 

The installation cost of Fluorescent lights

The electrician takes one to three hours to install Fluorescent lights in an average size room. In that case, you have to spend almost $85 to $217 for this purpose. But, the lights require less energy, so most homeowners prefer to install this light. 

The installation cost of Pendant lights 

The pendant light installation costs will range from  $300 to $450 for every fixture. The cost will include light cost, fixture cost, and electrician cost. Basically, the restaurant owners install this light to make their restaurant lucrative to grab customers’ attention. 

The installation cost of Chandelier lights

Generally, the Chandelier lights are heavy and require extra care to install. You have to keep a budget of at least $300 for installing Chandelier lights. The cost may reach up to $2,000 based on your location, size of the light, and technician experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Fixture Yourself?

If you have some technical and electrical knowledge and previously handled simple DIY electric jobs, then you can install the lights where necessary. In that case, you can save the electrician costs. 

You have the light fixture, screwdriver, wire strippers, wire nuts, and voltage detector as your helping tools. If you already have all the assistant tools, you have to purchase nothing but the light fixtures. The cost of lights depends on their types and ranges between $50 to $500. But, if you don’t have the tools at your home, the cost will increase up to $50 for purchasing the assistant tools. 

However, it’s not recommended to try this dangerous electrical fixing unless you have enough technical skills and expertise. So it will be better to hire an expert electrician to install the lights and avoid any dangerous situation.


After investing 2 minutes to read this article, you already know how much it costs to install a ceiling light without existing wiring. So, you must consider every factor that directly affects the cost. If you have your apartment and budget, we suggest fixing the light permanently to avoid frequent installation costs. 

But, if your taste is changing now and then and you like to incorporate the new lighting at your home, then temporary light installation will be most convenient for you. 

But whatever you do, never compromise with safety.

Wish you good luck with your light installation!

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