How Much Does It Cost to Get a Sunroof Installed?

Are you interested in installing a sunroof on your existing car? Do you want to know How Much Does It Cost to Get a Sunroof Installed? If you’re going to install a sunroof on your car that has no sunroof, you can get the job done efficiently with extra cost. Installing a Sunroof on a car will cost you around $300 to $3000. This cost will differ according to the type of sunroof and your car’s model. However, the most affordable sunroof option is Pop-up Sunroof, and the Panoramic Sunroof will cost you much more than others. Now here in this article, we are set to go through all the associated costs of installing sunproof on a car. So, continue reading this article if you are interested in adding a sunroof to your vehicle.  

How Much Does Sunroof Installation Cost?

  A sunroof is an excellent method to let light and ventilation into your car. This function is now standard in most current automobiles. It’s helpful, particularly in hot climates when you need the air to circulate in your vehicle. However, if your car has no built-in sunroof, you can install it afterward. If you want to install a sunroof on your existing car, it will cost you around $300 for a minimal Pop-up Sunroof. However, if you want to install more professional-grade sunroofs like Panoramic Sunroof, it’ll cost you around $600 to $2000. The cost of labor to install such a modest sunroof is about $500. Installing an advanced type of sunroof costs about $1,000 in labor. The price will be decided by the kind of sunroof, vehicle model, and work hours required. The pricing estimate will vary depending on the circumstances.  

Can You Install a Sunroof on a Car that Doesn’t Have One?

  If your automobile doesn’t come with such a sunroof as well as you desire, you can install one yourself. Adding a sunroof is simple, thanks to the current trend of automotive customization. There are several benefits to adding a sunroof to your vehicle. A sunroof allows an automobile to receive fresh air without having to pull down a window and provides more sunshine. It also offers more viewing space and an emergency escape. However, it will cost you extra money to install a sunroof on the car.  

Types of Sunroofs and Their Cost:

  If you want to install a sunroof in your car, you have several options to go through. Yes! There are different types of sunroofs available to install. However, how much the sunroof installation costs mainly depends on which type of sunroof you are going to install. Let’s take a look at some of the best sunroof types as well as their cost.  

Pop-up Sunroof

The pop-up sunroof is one that is opened by tilting it upward. Metal or even glass sunroofs may be used for pop-up sunroofs. In some instances, the sunroof may be dismantled entirely, while in others, it is controlled electrically or manually.  

Pop-up Sunroof Cost

This type of sunroof is the most cost-effective sunroof, among others. The average cost of installing a pop-up sunroof is around $300 to $900  

Spoiler Sunroof

These sunroofs, also known as Tilt-and-Slide, may be tilted up such a pop-up and also slid to the back to fully open. These may be operated or manipulated manually. The sunroof, whenever open, parks outside the automobile roof such as a spoiler, therefore the name.  

Spoiler Sunroof Cost

The ability of this particular kind of sunroof to tilt and glide along the outside of the car makes it exceptionally adaptable. If you want to install this kind of sunroof, it will cost you around $700 to $1100.  

Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof is one of the best types of sunroof, among others. It is a type of multi-coated sunroof over the rear seat as well as the front. This type of sunroof can be slid or even fixed. Panoramic sunroofs are challenging to set up and are typically best bought from the manufacturer.   

Panoramic Sunroof Cost

Now it is time to talk about the average cost of installing Panoramic sunroofs. This is the most expensive kind of sunroof, but it’s also one of the ones that make the most effect cosmetically. This type of sunroof will cost you around $1000 to $2000 to install.  


On new automobiles, the moonroof is perhaps the most frequent sunroof option. Moonroofs let drivers view nighttime scenery from the roof, enhancing the experience of driving. A moonroof is a sort of sunroof that allows air and light in without a movable visor.  

Moonroof Cost

Like the Panoramic Sunroof, the Moonroof is also an expensive installation. However, it is a bit more affordable than a Panoramic Sunroof. Moonroof will cost around $750 to $1500 to install on a car.  

Sunroof Type Lowest average cost Highest Average Cost
Pop-up Sunroof $300 $900
Spoiler Sunroof $700 $1,100
Panoramic Sunroof $1,000 $2,000
Moonroof $750 $1,500

  [Note: This is only the parts cost. The labor will cost around $500 to $1000 to install the sunroof on your car]   Related article: How much does a supercharger cost to install?  

What is the Average Cost to Get a Sunroof Installed?

Installing a sunroof can add elegance and functionality to your vehicle. When it comes to the average cost to get a sunroof installed, prices can vary. Factors such as the type of sunroof, car model, and labor charges contribute to the overall expense. While it’s difficult to provide an exact figure without specifics, researching the bleeding bike brakes cost and DIY methods can help you save money in the long run.

Cost of Sunroof Installation for the Most Popular Car in USA

The cost of installing sunroof depends a lot on the vehicle’s model. Here are the costs of installing sunroofs on some popular cars in the USA.  

Car Model Average Cost[Labor + Parts]
Toyota Corolla $1,200
Toyota Rav4 $1,600
Ford F150 $1,300
Ford Mustang $1,800
Honda Civic $1,100
Jeep Grand Cherokee $1,200
Ford Mustang $1,800
Chevrolet Camaro $2,000


Considerations to Do before Installing a Sunroof

  Engineers have designed a factory-installed sunroof to allow all of the modifications to the design. On either hand, an aftermarket item is not going to be built to satisfy the same standards as a factory-installed component. It’s not the only drawback: They may not complement the car’s overall look; they have a restricted purpose; they may rattle and leak despite being correctly placed. Choose an aftermarket sunroof that comes with a guarantee that lasts for at least three years to safeguard your financial investment. There, you’ll know for sure that you’re getting an excellent product. Before installing an additional sunroof, check with your car’s manufacturer to determine whether the warranty will be affected.  


  You should acquire a sunroof if you like the sense of traveling as a roadster but want to manage the quantity of wind. If your car doesn’t come with a sunroof system, then you can install a sunroof on a car that doesn’t have one. Here in this article, we highlighted all the installation costs associated with sunproof. We hope that this article has given you a better grasp of the whole cost of installing a sunroof on a car that doesn’t have one.

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