How Much Does It Cost to Bleed Bike Brakes? Best DIY Method

In a hydraulic braking system, the operation of eliminating air bubbles from the system is referred to as “bleeding the brakes.” It is important to check the amount of the brake fluid as well as add more as required, but if you discover that the cylinder is empty, it is necessary to bleed the brakes. So, how much does it cost to bleed bike brakes? Either a vacuum or even a pressure approach may be used to bleed the brakes, depending on your preference. The cost of providing you with this service will change according to the kind of brakes that are already installed in your car. However, it will cost you around $15 to $100 to bleed bike brakes.  

How Much Does It Cost to Bleed Bike Brakes: Cost Explain

How Much Does It Cost to Bleed Bike Brakes

  Bleeding your bike brakes is the procedure of removing air from the mechanism and restoring pressure. Dirt, moisture, and other pollutants are removed from your braking system when fluid is pushed through it. Because air becomes caught within the hydraulic fluid, you’ll need to bleed the brakes of your bike timely. So, how much does it cost to bleed bike brakes? The cost of bleeding bike brakes depends on several things. This cost depends on how you get the job done, yourself, or by a professional. Doing it by yourself is much more cost-effective than by a professional. So, it’ll cost you around $15 to $25 to bleed bike brakes yourself. If you don’t want to bleed the bike brakes yourself, you may hire a professional to perform it for you. This will cost you more money, but you will have complete peace of mind knowing that the task has been done professionally. For this type of repair, a skilled bike technician may charge you anything from $30 to $50. If you’re riding a high-end bike or one with a special design, they will cost you around $100.  

How Do I Know if I Have Air inside My Brake?

How Do I Know if I Have Air inside My Brake

  Excess lever travel, commonly referred to as a ‘spongy’ or ‘loose’ braking system lever, is a typical symptom of air within any hydraulic brake. If you have to pull the lever a long way before you experience the pads contacting the braking rotor, there’s a significant probability it’s due to air in the braking system. Because there’s so much air inside the fluid of the brake, there is little or even no stopping power. Before using this brake, it must first be bled.  

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How to Bleed Bike Brakes Yourself?

How to Bleed Bike Brakes Yourself

  You must need all the equipment if you want to bleed your bike’s brakes yourself at home. So, all the equipment that you need to bleed your bike brakes is Allen Wrench and Brake Bleed Kit. After gathering this equipment, now it is time to bleed the bike brakes. Clean your bike before starting the bleeding task, and then follow the further instructions. Step-01: To balance the brake, use the Allen Wrench to readjust it. Disconnect the main bolt from the brake’s top after adjusting it. Step-02: Detach the bleed pump from the bleed kit and place the bleed pump within the brake aperture, as well as tighten it gently. Step 03: Remove the cap from your caliper once you’ve placed the bleeding pump in place. After that, take the syringe from the bleed kit. Step-04: Now, you have to fill the syringe with the included oil with this bleed kit pack. Place the syringe to the aperture where the filter cap was after filling it with oil. Step-05: Utilizing the Allen Wrench, loosen the valve and afterward start injecting the oil with appropriate pressure. After injecting the proper amount of fluid inside the brake, you should now tighten the valve. Don’t forget to seal the pump. The last step is to reinstall the nuts as well as the caps that you removed. After that, you may go on to the other brake and repeat the procedure.  

How Often Do You Need to Bleed Bike Brakes?

How Often Do You Need to Bleed Bike Brakes

  About once every six months, the hydraulic brake system will need to have the fluid bled out of it. How frequently and how far users ride will determine how often this has to be done. You can tell that the bike’s brakes require to be bled if they have a mushy feel or if you have to draw the lever almost everything to the grips before the brakes engage.  

How Long Do Bleeding Brakes Take?

How Long Do Bleeding Brakes Take

  For each wheel, it takes around 10-15 minutes to bleed the brakes. Bleeding the brakes on the whole car will take roughly 30 minutes due to four separate brake lines. It’s straightforward to accomplish, but you’ll need another person to assist you since it is required to press the brake pedal.  

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Happens if I Don’t Bleed the Brakes?

  It is a frequently asked question What happens if I don’t bleed the brakes? If you don’t bleed the bike brake, then the brake will not respond properly. Therefore, you will have problems with the brakes becoming spongy.  

What Is the Best Way to Bleed Brakes?

  The ultimate finest bike brake bleeding technique is reverse bleeding. It is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of trapped air. This method works with ABS automobiles and any vehicle that has a bleed screw. It is the quickest way of bleeding available.  

Is It Hard to Bleed Bike Brakes?

  If you use the right equipment and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, bleeding bike brakes are straightforward. Every model has a somewhat different process, but the concept is the same: bubbles accumulate in hydraulic fluid throughout time; therefore, bleeding the brakes clears them out.  

Wrap up

  If you discover that the brakes on your bike do not respond properly or even fail completely, then you should bleed the bike brakes. You can bleed bike brakes yourself at home, or you can go to a professional to get the job done. If you bleed the brakes yourself, you may have to spend around $ 15- $ 25 for different components. However, the professionals can cost you around $30 to $100 to bleed bike brakes.

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