How much does it cost to remove window tint?

DIY car window tint removal can be achieved using methods like the steamer or hairdryer technique, potentially saving money compared to professional services that range from $25 to $50 per window or up to $225 for a full car

Window tinting is a terrific method to improve the look of your automobile while also keeping you cool inside. However, you may need to remove the window tint sometimes. It might be that you wish to change or remove your tint or that the tint has worsened over time. This article is going to discuss everything about window tinting removal costs as well as several tint removal processes.

How much does it cost to remove window tint

What is Window Tint?

What is Window Tint?

Window tinting is a thin laminate film that is applied to car windows to make them look much darker. It is used instead of painting a car window and includes privacy and security aspects. It is used as an aesthetic factor to protect the skin from UV rays which can cause various problems. Tinting helps a car to reduce glare from the headlights of other vehicles. The main purpose of this process is to reduce the amount of heat radiation from the sun and to control the internal temperature of the car.

How much does it cost to remove window tint?

Tinting is an essential consideration for car side glass and rear windows. However, over time, the window tint may need to be removed due to bubbled or purple infestation. There are many who want to know about the cost of window tint removal. Do you know the cost of window tint film removal?

Removing a window tint with the help of a tint film removal expert and professional might be pricey. To remove all of the window tint films from your car’s windows, you could expect to pay between $100 to $225. And removing the tint from a single window¬†may cost $25 to $50. There are a lot of professional tinting services that charge hourly for removing window tints. They usually charge up to $ 100 per hour with a minimum hour commitment to do this.

Can You Remove the Window Tint Yourself?

Since window tint removal is a relatively expensive service, you can probably find some alternatives. Can You Remove the Window Tint Yourself? And the simple answer is that you can do it yourself.

Since window tint removal is a relatively expensive service, you can probably find some alternatives. Can You Remove the Window Tint Yourself? And the simple answer is that you can do it yourself.

Window tint removal by a professional can break the bank even if you keep your car windows risk-free. So, you can do it yourself if you want. There are several processes of tint removal, some of which you will not need any special equipment to complete. Here are some tips to help you remove your car window tint by yourself.

How to remove old window tint?

It’s really rather easy to remove tint from the window of your automobile if you’re wondering how to do so. A heating instrument, a razor blade, a cleanser, as well as a towel or clean cloth are all things you’ll need. Thankfully, we’ll go through a simple method for removing vehicle window tint in this post.

How to remove old window tint 1

How to remove window tint-2 Easiest method

There are two different methods that you can apply yourself to remove window tint yourself. So, let’s take a look at these methods.

Method-01: Using Steamer

A steamer is an ideal tool for removing window tints. After a few minutes of heating the glass, the adhesive will dissolve as well as the tint will easily peel away. The following is a step-by-step instruction to remove window tint using steam:

Step-01: Roll the window of the car down a little bit so that the top border of the tint covering is viewable through the glass.

Step 02: Now, you have to heat the window tint using a steamer. Take your steamer in your hand to heat the tint and keep it a few inches away from the window glass and steam the outside of the window. Steam well and make sure the window edges are well steamed.

Step-03: Now that the outside has been steamed, now is the time to steam inside. All you have to do is steam inside the window of exactly the same process.

Step-04: Using a razor, gently pick up the edges of the tint after it has been steamed. If the window tint won’t come off easily around the edges, use extra steam to soften the glue.

Step-05: After you’ve pulled off the edges, peel off the remainder of the tint using your hands, starting at the top of the glass and working your way down. As you peel, keep applying steam, and add extra steam where the color is extremely sticky.

How to remove window tint-2 Easiest method

Method-02: Using Hair Dryer

Another approach that works well is to use a hairdryer to release the glue that holds the window tint in place. This process, however, requires more concentration than a steamer. To make it more accessible for peeling, roll it down so that just the top border of the window tint coating is visible and accessible.

Step-01: Use a hairdryer on high heat to heat one edge of the tint on the interior of your automobile until the adhesive starts to dissolve and you can take it off. For this procedure as well, you may use a razor to strip away the edge until you are able to peel away the remainder with your hands.

Step 02: Continue to operate the hairdryer on the tint in the area where you are peeling while you are removing. The process will be sluggish at first, but as you apply heating to the piece you are removing, the glue gradually melts as well as the portion will become simpler to remove.

Step-03: After the adhesive has been removed, clean the automobile windows using window cleaner.

How to remove bubbled rear window tint?

Bubbles are a common problem for car window tint. The rear window can be affected by tint bubbles for a variety of reasons. It does not only look bad, but large bubbles can also make it almost impossible to see outside the glass, which can put you at risk of an accident. So you may want to remove the bubbled rear window tint.

How to remove bubbled rear window tint?

You can take the help of a professional to remove the bubbled rear window tint. You can also do this job yourself. All you need to do is do it; A steamer and an adhesive remover. So, let’s take a look at how to remove bubbled rear window tint:

Step-01: First, you need to use your steamer to heat the window in any one of those corners. Keep the head of your steamer a few inches away from the glass while heating.

Step-02: After heating for 30 seconds to 1 minute, peel the tint from the heated corner of the window using a razor scraper. Peel the tint with a blade until you can peel it by hand.

Step-03: When you think you can peel the tint with your hands now, pull the tint with your hand take the steamer in the other hand, and heat it in the connected place. In this process, you can easily remove Automotive Window Tint from the window.

Step-04: Once the tint removal from the window is complete, apply adhesive remover spray to the window surface. Then wipe the glass of the window with a clean and soft cloth or a paper towel.

How to remove window tint from the back window?

Do you want to remove the tint from the back window of your car? It will be a bit challenging to remove the back window tint yourself. And it also will take a bit more time than other windows tinting to remove. However, you should have to be more careful when you are going to do this job yourself. The following step-by-step guide will assist you in correctly removing the tint from the back window.

Step-01: First of all, you will need a black plastic sheet. You can cut a black garbage bag and get a big plastic sheet. The plastic sheet should be of such a size that it can completely cover the entire window.

Step-02: Now spray water on the exterior side of the window and place the sheet on the window’s top. Smooth the sheet against the window and cut corners until the plastic matches the window’s form.

Step 03: Remove the plastic from the outside and reapply it to the inside of the window, making sure it touches the tint. Before applying the plastic, wet the window well with water and then use a squeegee to ensure that the plastic adheres to the tint.

Step-04: After completing step 3, now is the time to warm up. In this case, you can heat the tint using a heat gun. If you do not have a heating instrument, you should park the car in such a way that it should allow the sun to heat up the back window of the car. You must also activate the back defroster as well as park the car for up to one hour.

Step-05: Using a razor blade, carefully remove one of the upper corners of the tint. Working carefully will ensure that you wind up pulling the whole corner off rather than ripping it into bits as you would otherwise.

Step-06: Using lengthy, strong strokes, pull the tinting and plastic off from the window. To prevent ripping the tint apart from the glue, work carefully. Once the tint has been removed entirely from the window, wipe the interior of the glass with a towel.

Why you should hire professionals?

When the tint of the window begins to fade, crack, or even bubble, it is time to remove it. You may be tempted to remove the tint yourself. However, you should consider a professional to remove the window tint. So, why should you hire professionals?

  • The window will be damaged

You risk damaging your windows if you use a sharp instrument without the proper training. The pane might be damaged or chipped if your hand slips or you use the blade too roughly.

  • Problems removing tint

Even if you get the knife beneath the tint, you may not be able to entirely remove it. Your windows may get coated in little particles of tint that are difficult to remove if not handled carefully. It will be more difficult to remove it away from the glass if they are smaller, and you may end up causing more harm.

  • Safely removing tint

Professionals employ specialized window tint removal kits to properly remove tints from the windows, including highly qualified cleansers and removers that require specialized expertise to operate safely. This implies the old tinting may be simply removed as well as new tinting put in a short amount of time.

  • Problems with the Adhesive

Even if you successfully remove the top layer of the tint, removing the adhesive layer without specialized equipment may be difficult. Conventional adhesive removers may harm the glass’s surface, and you’ll have to labor for hours to remove the glue from the window.

Final Thought

The average cost of window tint removal is determined by the method used, the quantity of tint removed, but also where you reside. However, it t’s really not that difficult to remove the tint. Window¬† Tint can easily be removed with some tools as well as several products, but ensure you do your research beforehand.

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