How much does it cost to Bulletproof a Car?

How much does it cost to Bulletproof a Car

Do you know How much does it cost to Bulletproof a Car? Although a bulletproof car is not the first choice for the person who is going to invest in a new car, it offers much more security to the owner. So, when you feel that you need more security on the road, you should consider making your existing car bulletproof. In this article, I’ll go through all the costs involved with making a car bulletproof.

What is bulletproof glass?

What is bulletproof glass


Bulletproof glass is a type of transparent material that is very durable and provides extra protection. Bulletproof glass, which is made of strong and durable materials, can stop a hail of bullets. So, what is a bulletproof glass made of? Bulletproof glass is made of layers of tempered glass that are mainly bonded together. The more glass layers are this kind of glass, the greater the amount of protection the glass provides.

Do you know when bulletproof glass was invented? In the 17th century, bulletproof glass was developed, and this glass was first used in a car in 1930. Now you may ask, how thick is bulletproof glass?

Bulletproof glass is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4 inches to 4 inches. There is a variety of them, but they all employ almost the same technology. How many bullets can bulletproof glass take depends on how thick the glass is. To smash a thin bulletproof glass with a mid-power pistol like a 9 mm, one may have to fire 3-5 bullets.

Now is the most important question, who uses bulletproof glass? Bulletproof glass is mainly used in the windows in a building that needs much more security. It includes diamond shops as well as embassies. This glass is also used in civilian as well as military vehicles.

How much does it cost to Bulletproof a Car?

How much does it cost to Bulletproof a Car

According to Armormax, one of the reputed as well as reliable bulletproof car manufacturers, the average cost to bulletproof a car will be up to $100,000. The cost of bulletproofing a car depends on several things, including the material, the armor level, your car type, as well as options. The individual costs associated with those costs are shown below:

  • Doors and windows: $18,000 to $45,000
  • Tires Cost: $800 to $6000
  • Bulletproof Engines cost: $5,000 to $11,000
  • Floor Cost: $2,000 to $5,000
  • Gas tank and Panel Cost: $3000 to $6000

Bullet-resistant glass levels

Bullet-resistant glass levels

  • Level-01: This refers to such a kind of bulletproof glass that is able to survive small-caliber pistol fire. It has to be able to withstand three 9mm FMJs moving at a speed of at least 1,175 ft/sec (f/s).
  • Level-02: Defines bulletproof glass that can survive firing from pistols with higher calibers. It must survive three rounds of 357 magnums softer points moving at 1,250 feet per second.
  • Level-03 refers to bulletproof glass that can take three 44-magnum bullets fired at a velocity of 1350 feet per second.
  • Level-04: From the perspective of ballistics protection, this is a step forward. It refers to bulletproof glass that can survive at least a single shot from a.30 caliber sniper rifle at a 2540 velocity feet per second.
  • Level-05: Covering bulletproof glass rated to resist at minimum one 7.62mm rifle FMJ round traveling at a velocity of at least 2750 feet per second.
  • Level-06: This is a step up from Level 1 and is meant to resist at least five 9mm bullets moving at a minimum velocity of 1400f/s.
  • Level-07: Defines bullet-resistant glass that can sustain repeated strikes from 5.56 rifle FMJs traveling at a minimum of 3080 feet per second.
  • Level-08: This is the greatest level of bulletproof glass protection possible. This level has been tested to resist at least five 7.62mm rifle bullets.

How to tell if the glass is bulletproof?

How to tell if the glass is bulletproof

Bulletproof glass is constructed comprised of numerous layers of glass, each layer contributing to its strength and endurance. The very first layer of these glasses is regular glass that will shatter if struck by a bullet. Then comes an interlayer made of polycarbonate that can withstand the impact of such a bullet.

Unlike glasses, the interlayer may stretch and bend when impacted. Instead, the interlayer absorbs the bullet’s energy, slowing it somewhat. A bullet absorbs all of its velocity somewhere along the way and is halted. It alters the form of the glass, indicating a gunshot strike. But if the bulletproof glass is strong enough, it will not shatter.

Is the Cost of Bulletproof a 6.0 Engine Different from Other Cars?

The cost to bulletproof a 6.0 engine can indeed vary from other cars. Factors like engine design, parts availability, and labor can influence the overall expenses. While the process usually involves reinforcing the engine to withstand increased power and stress, the specific requirements of a 6.0 engine may prompt unique considerations, resulting in potentially different costs compared to other vehicles.

Is it legal to bulletproof your car?

Is it legal to bulletproof your car

This is a frequently asked question, is it legal to bulletproof your car? It depends on which state or country you live in. However, according to Armormax, it is not unlawful for people to possess a bulletproof automobile or an armored car. It may even be permissible to have extra defenses on a bulletproof automobile owned by a person, based on state and municipal legislation.

How to make a car bulletproof?

Materials that can provide extra security are added to different parts of a car to make it bulletproof. So let’s see how to make a car bulletproof:

The Doors

To make a car bulletproof, you should start with the doors. In this case, you should remove some components of the car body, such as interior trims, carpets, wiring, and seats. This allows armored materials to be stuffed into the space by cutting up the doors as well as other holes like the pillars.

Different protection layers can be attached to car doors and pillars to make them bulletproof. The doors could be covered with steel plates, a mixture of ballistic nylon as well as Kevlar, or a combination of these two materials. When these are done, the door becomes very heavy, necessitating the addition of a third hinge to support the pressure.


Typically, glass is meant to be transparent as well as provide just the bare minimum of protection from the sun. In bulletproof vehicles, on the other hand, the windows are known as “transparent armor.” Bulletproof glass is composed of two layers of polycarbonate sandwiched between two layers of leaded glass.

The thinnest bulletproof window option, with a thickness of 0.8″, will stop low-velocity rounds like those fired from the prevalent 9mm handgun, whereas the thickest bulletproof window glass option, with a thickness of 2.0 inches, might also reduce the effects of a specific shot fired from a high-powered .30-06 rifle.


Bulletproofing your car’s tires is among the most cost-effective solutions to keep your vehicle safe on the road nowadays. If your tires have been bulletproofed, bullets will not be able to stop your vehicle from rolling forward. Tires are a popular target since you can’t escape or even get away without them.

Bulletproofing the tires of the car might be the most sensible first move. One thing to keep in mind is that since tires are composed of rubber, it is hard to make them bounce off of anything. The idea is to make sure that even though a bullet penetrates the car’s tire, your car can continue to drive.


Imagine for a second that you built a car whose engine was unable to carry the weight of that car. After bulletproofing a normal car, its weight increases a lot due to armoring. Almost all vehicles are unable to carry this extra weight. When bulletproofing your car, check that the car’s engine can handle it. If the car’s engine can’t handle that load properly, you need to consider increasing the engine.

Gas Tank and chassis

Not to mention the petrol tank! It’s one of the most straightforward targets, yet it’s also one of the most hazardous. Adding the same plates to the gas tank as you did to the doors as well as the rest of your car is called bulletproofing. Most significantly, you should purchase an anti-explosion gas tank.

A big vehicle with even the lowest armoring adds an extra 500 pounds. Because the highest degree of protection for a big car adds 1400 pounds, the chassis must be modified. Damping, as well as spring rates, are increased, and air springs are added, if necessary, to preserve drivability.

Final Thought

You may wish to bulletproof your vehicle for a variety of reasons. You may live in a risky area or be planning a journey through a dangerous location. You may find it easier to sleep at night, realizing that your automobile is safe on the road.

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