How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bike From Scratch?

The bike isn’t just a communicator for most bike enthusiasts. Basically, it’s more than that as they have many riding experiences. As a result, there will be an emotional attachment and bond with the bikers and bikes. Some bike enthusiasts even take care of their bikes like their babies.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bike From Scratch

So, many bikers will aim to build and customize their bike. If you are like them and want to build your bike, you should know; how much does it cost to build a bike?

Building an entry-level road bike will cost you around $1000 to $1250. The cost will increase for an intermediate-level bike, ranging between $2750 to $3000. And the high-end level bike will cost almost $7500 to $8000.

The above cost is just an insight. There are many types of bikes. For example, mount bikes, dirt bikes, e-bikes, etc. Depending on the bike category, the cost may fluctuate.

This post will determine the bike building’s final cost and which sector needs how many bucks. Let’s start

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mountain Bike?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mountain Bike

You have to follow many steps to build a bike from scratch, and every step requires different types of components. Basically, you have to spend around 80-90% of the bucks managing those components. The rest 10-20% cost will be for bike assembling. Let’s look at a chart to get a broad overview of bike-building costs.


Average Cost Of Building A Bike


CategoryParts NameCostTotal Category Cost
Frame SetFrame$500-$1200$600-$1400
Headset kit$15-$100
Handlebars Tape$25-$50
Seat post$100-$300
Seat binder Saddle$25-$50
BrakesFront brake$10-$50$25-$90
Rear brake$10-$50
Bottom bracket bearings$15-$250
Front Derailleur$20-$70
Rear Derailleur$60-$110
Rear Derailleur Shifter Lever$10-$50
Front Derailleurs Shifter Lever$10-$50
Wheels & TiresFront-wheel$50-$250$200-$500
Pair of tires$20-$80 per tire
Pair of inner tubes$8-$20 Per tube


However, it is a rough estimation, and the price will vary depending on bike size, material quality, and many other things.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Mountain Bike?

Is It Cheaper To Build A Mountain Bike

If you measure the price by considering the economic value and how much you invest, then building a mountain bike is not cheaper than buying one. Because in both cases, either build the bike or buy it, you have to invest at least $1000. But, if you consider your comfort, satisfaction, durability, and flexibility, then we must say building a mountain bike is more appreciative than buying.

However, many myths work behind measuring the bike value. For example

  • As the manufacturer buys a mountain bike build kit at bulk order, there is an excellent opportunity to minimize the bike manufacturing cost. That’s why it can keep a lower rate after adding its profit. But, when you want to build a bike, you have to buy all the bike components in a single piece. So, there is no way of minimizing costs by maintaining quality.


  • As the manufacturer knows the quality of every bike part, it will win the parts-buying game. But, if you fail to determine the bike parts quality, you may spend a good amount but get poor-quality products. Ultimately, your bike won’t offer you as much output as you desire.


  • If you don’t have any interest in bike building engineering and patience, there is a high chance of making mistakes, which can cause a minor accident or mess up the entire project. On the other hand, if you have a little knowledge about engineering and extreme patience, you must save a handsome amount and build the best quality bike.


Maybe it’s tough to maintain all those things for a novice biker, but not for a pro biker. So if you are a beginner biker, it is better to buy a bike instead of buying. On the other hand, building a bike is excellent for advanced bikers.


Why Do People Modify And Custom-Build Their Bikes?

Why Do People Modify And Custom-Build Their Bikes

Though bike building is more expensive than buying, there are plenty of reasons to build a bike rather than buying. Such as

  • The high-end bikers know their preferences like a mirror. So they can execute their plan to build the bike and meet their expectations.


  • A customized bike is exclusive, and it won’t match the commercial bikes. So, when the bikers ride the bike for a long time or participate in a bike race, they can enjoy comfort and flexibility.


  • Building your bike is an excellent achievement for a bike enthusiast. The bike building’s entire process creates bondage between the biker and the bike.


  • Building your bike will be even more durable than a commercial bike.


So for all those reasons, people like to build their bikes. Here comfort, customizing opportunity, flexibility, and durability are the main concerns instead of saving some penny.


Is It Hard To Build A Bike?

Is It Hard To Build A Bike

Slightly, yes, bike building is somehow more challenging than buying. Because when you buy a bike, all the preparations, bike parts collection, design, assembly, and quality maintenance are done by the company.

But, when you build your bike, you have to do everything yourself from scratch. As you are here, that means you already know the bike building parts long list. So, if you are a beginner, it seems that it is a long and challenging process. However, the advanced bikers find it not so difficult. So the answer varies from biker to biker.


Is It Cheaper to Fix a Scratch on a Car Bumper or Build a Bike from Scratch?

When deciding whether to fix a scratch on a car bumper or build a bike from scratch, the cost to fix car bumper scratch can vary. Repairing a bumper scratch might involve professional help and could be expensive. On the other hand, building a bike from scratch allows for customization and control over expenses. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and budget considerations.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Road Bike?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Road Bike

Generally, there is no fixed time for bike building as it depends on many factors. If you are familiar with the bike building parts and the entire process, it may take an average of 21 to 60 days. The time may increase up to 90 days if you are a beginner and don’t know enough about the project.

In that case, there are lots of things that you must learn first from bike types, building kit categories, size, quality, etc. This process involves extensive research about bike-building steps.

If you don’t want to build your bike by yourself, you can get help from professional bike builders. And it will be a wise decision. You can talk to them about your preferences. After listening to your requirements, they will suggest which bike will best fit you. You just need to provide them with the bike-building kits to assemble. That’s simple.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dirt Bike?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dirt Bike

The dirt bike offers you higher performance than a regular or mountain bike. That’s why it is costly to build. It costs you around $10000-$20000 for building a professional dirt bike.

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Bike Build Vs Buy


So, now you know the answer to your inquiry; how much does it cost to build a bike? And after considering all the factors, you may be confused between bike buying and building.

First, be clear about yourself. Make a checklist of

What do you desire to get from your bike?
How much are you willing to pay?
Do you have the technical skills that you will need to build a bike?
Do you have time to research bike-building kits?
Do you know how to build a bike from scratch?
Do you have the patience to follow every step?
Can you build your bike within your budget?
Can you wait for 1-3 months to complete your bike?
Can you maintain (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) quality?

The expert bikers will suggest that you should know all the questions answered first. After getting the answer, you can easily decide what to do and what not to do.

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