How much does it cost to bag a car?

Air suspension bags are the most effective way to handle uneven weight and improve car performance. Airbags can keep a car safe in different ways. But how much does it cost to bag a car?

The starting cost to bag a car is $1500. And this cost can go beyond $ 5,000. An airbag expense depends on the brand, the number of kits, and the quality of the kits. 

In this guide, we will explain the details of airbag suspension cost, the pros and cons of using airbags, and the ideal time to replace airbags. So, let’s move ahead!

What Refers to Bag a Car?

What Refers to Bag a Car

Bagging a car means following a system that helps to lay it down closer to the ground. Airbag helps to improve the car’s performance and appearance. Specialized equipment is required for bagging a car. Besides, a knowledgeable technician is needed to install air suspension components in the airbag system.  

What is the importance of an airbag in a car?

What is the importance of an airbag in a car

Although the airbag system doesn’t directly work as a safety protector, it has a lot of benefits. Let’s know some crucial benefits. 

⦁ Even the uneven weight while riding on the highway road

⦁ Reduces vibration, helps to reduce driver’s fatigue

⦁ It helps to get smoother riding in longer driving

⦁ Remove all unnecessary obstacle in rough terrain and protects steering, braking

⦁ It makes vehicle prolong with less wear and vibration

⦁ Reduce bouncing in rugged terrain for short-wheelbase trucks and car

⦁ Allows to handle the corners that occur from higher speed

How Much Does It Cost to Bag a Car?

How Much Does It Cost to Bag a Car (1)

The cost of bagging a car depends on a few factors. For example, the car model, bagging materials, car size, and labor cost can influence the bagging cost. If you do it yourself, the labor cost will be reduced. On the other hand, hiring a professional for airbagging will cost you much. 

Air Bag Suspension Parts Part Costs
Air Struts $600-$2000
Valve Manifold $500-$700
Air Compressor $300-$700
System Management $400-$700
Air Lines $100-$250
Air Tank $50-$900
ECU $400-$1400
Water Filters $60-$200
Height Sensor $100-$400
Pressure Sensor $85-$225

These are the average potential cost. However, each cost may decrease or increase depending on the system’s complexity and the size of the car. 

How Often Should You Replace Airbag Suspension?

How Often Should You Replace Airbag Suspension (1)

An air bag suspension has a lifespan of 50,000 to 70000 miles. A good airbag can last about 5 to 8 years, depending on the driving period. However, airbag lifespan can automatically reduce whether you use it or not. After installation, the airbag always stays filled even when the car is parked. It is good for the car but not for the airbag’s lifespan. Besides, you see some common signs when you should replace it. 

⦁ Significant sagging on one specific side 

⦁ The air pump constantly runs while riding

⦁ Faces problems adjusting the height level of the bag

⦁ Repeated cycles of the air pump indicate any leakage

⦁ Require frequent pumping before starting to drive

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Is Towing a Semi Truck More Expensive Than Bagging a Car?

Is Towing a Semi Truck More Expensive Than Bagging a Car

The cost of towing a semi truck can be significantly higher than bagging a car. Due to their size, weight, and complex mechanisms, towing a semi truck requires specialized equipment and expertise. Moreover, semi trucks often require heavy-duty tow trucks, which increases the cost. However, the specific expenses may vary depending on factors like distance, location, and additional services required.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Bag Systems?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Air Bag Systems

Airbag systems have their pros and cons. Knowing these can help to get a clear idea about using airbags. 


⦁ Easy to adjust the height while live driving

⦁ You can lay the frame in different cases

⦁ Allows to dial in the ideal stance

⦁ It allows the driver to adjust driving based on the road condition


⦁ Purchasing cost is higher

⦁ It needs proper maintenance

Will Installing Airbag Lower your Vehicle’s Insurance?

Will Installing Airbag Lower your Vehicle's Insurance

No, installing an airbag won’t lower your vehicle’s insurance. Also, airbags don’t increase the vehicle’s insurance. Note that the airbag system is not directly considered a performance improver. However, it works to improve the car’s performance. You can take several steps to lower your vehicle insurance. Unfortunately, the airbag system isn’t included with those steps. 

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How to Maintain an Airbag Suspension System?

The airbag system doesn’t require much maintenance. It can perform great with low maintenance. 

Inspect the Air Line Connections:

Air passes through the airline from the air springs to the airbag system. When the airline is not properly connected, the blower will produce insufficient air and reduce the effectiveness of the airbag system. So, inspect the airline connections after a few months. Remember to inspect the other hoses and lines. 

Inspect the Airbag System for Leaks:

Sometimes, the airbag system can have some small leakage. Any leakage reduces the performance. So, inspect if there is any leakage in the system. You can do it when inspecting the airlines. Spray a small amount of dish soap in the airline. Applies soap and water will create bubbles on the lines if there is any leakage. 

Check the Air Spring Pressure:

It is recommended to keep the 5PSI per square inch air spring for the airbag system. However, the pressure can change based on the car and the airbag suspension components. If the pressure is not okay, pump more for ideal pressure or deflate that. 

Clean the Airbag Suspension:

It is essential to clean the airbag suspension. Regular cleaning can prevent accumulating dirt and grime inside the system. Otherwise, the dirt and grime can make obstacles between the tube lines and bag suspension. Besides, dirt accumulation creates problems in inspecting the airbag system. 

Consult with an expert mechanic:

The good practice is to consult an expert mechanic before inspecting the airbag parts. An expert can easily detect the problems and suggest repairs. 

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Final Words:

Now it is clear how much it costs to bag a car. The general cost of a whole airbag system is about $1500. But this general cost will increase when you purchase a full, high-quality components package from a reputed brand. 

So, this cost can cross over $5000 based on your car model, size, and the quality and number of the airbag components. On the other hand, you have to pay the labor cost for installation. In this case, you can reduce the expense if you install it yourself.

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