Can You Tell If a 6.0 Has Been Bulletproofed?

In the realm of diesel trucks, the Ford 6.0 Power Stroke has a reputation that sparks discussions about reliability and performance. For potential buyers or current owners in the used truck market, a common question arises: Can you tell if a 6.0 has been bulletproofed? In this article, we’ll delve into the telltale signs that may indicate whether a 6.0 Power Stroke has undergone the bulletproofing process, the importance of transparency in vehicle history, and how to verify modifications to make an informed purchase decision.

Recognizing Signs of Bulletproofing

**1. Upgraded Head Gaskets and ARP Studs

One of the primary components addressed during bulletproofing is the head gaskets. Upgraded head gaskets and ARP studs are indicative of this modification.

**2. EGR Delete or Upgraded EGR Cooler

A 6.0 Power Stroke that has been bulletproofed often features an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system modification, either through deletion or an upgraded EGR cooler.

**3. Aftermarket Oil Cooler

Bulletproofed engines commonly incorporate an aftermarket oil cooler to address the known vulnerabilities of the stock cooling system.

Importance of Vehicle History and Documentation

**1. Service Records

Thoroughly review the service records for any mentions of bulletproofing or related modifications. A well-documented history is a valuable asset.

**2. Communication with Previous Owners

If possible, reach out to previous owners to inquire about any modifications performed on the 6.0 Power Stroke.

**3. Professional Inspection

Consider having a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle. They can identify signs of bulletproofing and provide insights into the overall condition of the truck.

Verification Methods for Bulletproofing

**1. Diagnostic Scans

Performing a diagnostic scan using specialized tools can reveal any modifications made to the engine’s control module, offering insights into bulletproofing.

**2. Visual Inspection

A visual inspection of key components, such as the head gaskets, EGR system, and oil cooler, can provide visual cues indicating bulletproofing.

**3. Consulting Experts

Seek advice from diesel truck experts or forums specializing in 6.0 Power Strokes. Community insights can be valuable in confirming modifications.


In conclusion, determining whether a 6.0 Power Stroke has been bulletproofed involves a combination of visual inspection, documentation review, and expert consultation. Transparency in vehicle history and thorough verification are crucial for potential buyers looking to make informed decisions. For a deeper understanding of the costs associated with bulletproofing a 6.0 Power Stroke, check out our comprehensive guide on How Much Does It Cost To Bulletproof A 6.0?. Knowing the status of bulletproofing can impact your decision-making process, ensuring you invest in a reliable and well-maintained diesel truck.

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