How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Stadium?

We have seen a growing demand for sporting events in the USA and a good number of people are now in search of hosting their events. Hosting such events in stadiums is the best idea but the only hassle is how to determine the cost. Therefore, how much does it cost to rent a stadium?

Since our preferences vary, there are various factors to consider before renting a stadium for your event. For example, you should be keen about the location, event duration, legality, parking availability, the cost, the capacity among others.

If you are among those who are planning for an event, then you are at the right place. Today, we will provide you with essential considerations when renting a stadium. By the end of this article, you will be able to know the cost of renting a stadium based on the mentioned factors.

Factors To Consider When Renting A Stadium


The first thing to consider is the legal engagements involved. You should understand that any signed contract has to pass through a lawyer. It doesn’t matter how worthy the deal is, let the contract be reviewed. Else, you may end up brushing shoulders with legal authorities.


This is another critical factor to consider when renting a stadium for your event. It helps you to understand the number of people that can be accommodated by that stadium. For instance, it should be spacious enough to sustain your audience.

Your Location

There are different cities in the USA like Richmond that offer cheaper stadiums for events, unlike New York City. However, such stadia can only hold a small audience and therefore you should consider opting for a massive one if you have a large audience.

Duration Of The Event

How long are you going to use the booked stadium? If you will be in the stadium for an extended period, then the cost will be high. For this reason, it is advisable to rent for the whole day. You have to be time conscious because considering the soundcheck set up and the time to break down the entire system. Sometimes you may end up spending the whole day setting up the stadium; try to be careful.

Parting Place

Of course, some of your audiences will come with their vehicles and if the booked stadium lacks a parking place, then it’s going to be hectic. You may go through the list of your audience to determine who will come with cars. Doing so is necessary to spare yourself from the hassles of shunning away some audiences.

The Budget

Is your pocket massive enough to rent your preferred stadium? The capacity or size plays a vital role in guiding you on which is the best stadium for your budget. There are various companies that deal with rental services; if you are not sure, don’t hesitate to approach them for more assistance. They will help you to equate your budget and the stadium type you are opting for.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Stadium?

Many event organizers are wondering about the amount of money required to rent a suitable stadium. From the above section, renting a stadium should be based on various factors. Determining the cost of a certain stadium isn’t an easy task. Therefore, you should be careful.

The capacity of the stadium plays a critical role in helping you to rent a suitable one for your concert. The stage size will automatically affect the cost too. Since stadiums are different, you are likely to pay an amount ranging from $1,000,000 to $2,500,000 per day.

The figures above include the payments for the production company(s). That’s to say lighting and sound systems will be catered for. Below are some of the charges that you are likely to pay when renting a stadium only?

  1. Yankee stadium goes for around $100,100 for the whole season.

     2. The whole NFL stadium goes for around $470,000. Its capacity is big enough to sustain a large number of audiences.

     3. Dodger stadium: you will pay around $25,000 per night.

     4. SoFi Stadium Suite: This type of stadium will cost you around $10,000 to $45,000.

     5. MLB stadium: This stadium goes for hours. Therefore you will be required to pay around $150, 000 for four hours. It is suitable for short events like family gatherings or campaigns.

     6. Football stadium: Here is the most common stadium for renting that is charged per day. For a person to rent this type of stadium, you are supposed to have something like $470,000. It contains everything that a stadium should have like parking, refreshment area, changing room among others.

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Again, the charges vary based on the above-mentioned factors. If you have a large audience, then you automatically require something big. However, the choice should also be based on your budget; you don’t have to run out of cash.

It, therefore, doesn’t matter whether you are renting the stadium for a conference, wedding, concert, or a business; stick to the size of your audience as well as the period for using the venue.

Why Is Renting A Stadium Expensive?

Paying for a stadium to accommodate your audience for an event can be expensive at times. For this reason, the amount you have to pay for a small stadium varies from one place to another. Averagely, you should have something like $1,000,000.

On the other hand, larger stadiums tend to be a bit more expensive than smaller ones in that you will be required to pay up to $2,500,000 the whole day. However, renting with essential facilities in a stadium can also come with extra charges i.e., medical assistance, clean-up, and security.

For football events, you may be required to pay up to $2,000,000, which involves catering for other essential services in the stadium.

Final Words

From the above discussion, you may realize that renting a stadium sounds too expensive, but they need to host your event outweighs the cost. To be on the safer side, I would urge you to consider working with a local event organizing company for funding your project. Doing so will spare you from unnecessary costs.

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