How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Front Bumper?

How much does it cost to paint a front bumper? Can you go for an economy paint job instead of a premium job? How much does it cost to repaint a front bumper all by yourself? Will it be cheaper to paint the front bumper yourself?

As you have chosen to continue with our content, I believe these queries were wandering in your head. You might have ordered a brand new car bumper but it didn’t come with the color you exactly require. Your previous bumper might have worn out and you plan to replace or repaint it. I’m confident that our article can assist you either way.

The cost of painting a front bumper will vary depending on the painting type you choose. Generally, it may cost around 150$ to 300$. However, you can get the job done just by investing $100 if you can perform the job yourself.

In our content below we will discuss different ways to paint the bumper along with their cost and faqs. Be with us till the end and choose the technique that seems more cost-effective & convenient to you. So, are you ready to repaint your car bumper to give it a premium look right away?


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Front bumper Averagely?

How much would it cost to paint a front bumper? Is there any cheap way to paint a front bumper?

Before moving to the detailed guidelines let’s focus on the average cost in the very beginning.

The overall price to repaint a front bumper will cost around $500. At first, it may seem too high.

However, we have considered all the factors including preparation work, paint price & many more. While purchasing the paint, the user must match up the color with the vehicle as well.

This step is mandatory even for factory paint jobs as a slight difference in shade will definitely be noticeable. Sometimes, it may look weird even if they are of the same shade. As the bumper is newly painted and the vehicle color has faded due to prolonged usage. So, be very careful & precise while choosing the shade.

Preparation work is also an essential point to consider. If you go for a cheap paint job it may not be time-consuming indeed. However, you will notice its reflection in the results.

Now let’s check out the minimum cost of an economy & premium paint job.

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Cost Of Premium Painting

Most shops out there offer a classy professional painting job. In case you are checking the shops online, don’t depend on their testimonials for matching up the color. Usually, a premium level painting will sustain longer, will give more protection & will guarantee more matches of colors as well.

If you plan to go for premium painting, you have to spend $500 to $600 minimally for a single color. If your preference is multi-color, then the cost may stretch up to $1000. Indeed, the cost is pretty high but its performance will satisfy you as well.


Economy Paint Job

If your requirements are not that premium, then you can go for the economy paint instead of the premium paint. At this cost, it will cost nearly around $200 to $300.

Before choosing the economy paint every user must check out several factors.

  • Firstly, most economy paints don’t match up with the vehicle precisely.
  • Economy paints are usually of low quality.
  • These paints are more prone to damage & scratches.
  • Economy-level paint jobs can save several dollars as they skip the second color coating.

We can assume that the economy paint job won’t sustain for a prolonged period. So, you will be disappointed with it over time. If the budget is low for re, going for Maaco will be passable if you are not too picky. Otherwise, it will be best to go for the premium painting job especially if long-term service is your preference.

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint A Front Bumper All By Yourself? 

Till now we have talked about professional painting jobs. However, is it possible to front bumper yourself? Will it be cheaper to repaint yourself? How much does it cost to replace and paint a front bumper yourself?

The answer is yes, obviously you can do it and it’s a cheaper option indeed. Beginners have to be highly conscious in this context if they don’t have any previous experience of color matching. One little mistake will result in different shades within the same vehicle. On the other hand, if you are efficient enough you will achieve excellent results just by spending $100.

In order to paint an entire bumper, the painter will require around 32 ounces paint minimally. You may have some leftovers in this context. However, that’s way better than getting out of paints in the middle of repainting.




How much does it cost to paint and install a front bumper?

The average cost of repainting and installing a bumper will cost around $500. Repainting the bumper will obviously consume several hours. So, at a rate of $47 to $275 per hour, the shops may charge around $100 to $430 as labor cost. Then there is the charge of paint & other supplements as well. So, if you go for a premium paint job, the minimum budget has to be around $500.

How much does Maaco charge to repaint a bumper? 

Maaco is one of the cheapest services for bumper repainting. They charge around $99 to repair bumper damage/scratches & to repaint.


Final Verdict

How much does it cost to paint a front bumper? In the very beginning, you might have been very confused, and deciding the budget must have been tricky. However, after going through our content till now, I believe you have got a clear concept on the average cost of bumper repainting & installation.

The economy-level painting is really cheap and it obviously seems pretty alluring. However, it won’t last as long as the premium-level painting. You can also go for self-service if you are confident about your painting skills. So, be wise & choose the best method that suits your preferences.

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